5 Design Elements For Styling Your Living Room Walls

Get ready for some serious living room action! Living room walls are one of the essential elements of any home. Everyone is at some point confronted with the tough decision of what to do with that large windowless wall. Have you ever thought of beautifying them? Those empty walls are full of endless possibilities. You can customize the walls to be surrounded by the things you adore. Here are some design ideas you can apply to style your living room walls.

Exhibit Gallery Wall

No house is complete without the gallery wall. The gallery wall, in unison, can display a collection of art, photographs, and other collectibles. It is one of the most game-changing wall decor ideas around, through which a blank space gains life. You can put up family pictures, or your favorite postcards in cohesive frames. You can measure them to space them evenly and have a balanced look. This wall can be treated like a blank canvas waiting for you to get as crafty as you want and bring your ideas to life.

Wall Mirrors

Who doesn’t want to decorate their living room in style? The latest trend is using wall mirrors. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to cover up a blank wall. This mirror wall design is a unique way to make your small room appear bigger and brighter. You can try mirroring the entire wall by adding different beautifully framed mirrors instead of going for a single large mirror. Decorating the walls with mirrors adds life to the room and makes you feel relaxed.

Go Green

Greenery is one way to add interest to a wall. Plants don’t have to sit on the windowsill only. You can create an indoor vertical garden with hanging or mounting tiny pots and creepers on the wall. You can dangle a succulent in a geometric planter. A ladder plant stand can be used to store various plants. You can build a shelf and style the plants by alternating between hanging and standing plants. You can also add green branches in a variety of textures to the wall decor. Adding greenery to your living room wall will give the room a pleasant and fresh vibe.

Build a Bar

You can cover some of the wall space by building a bar. Having a bar can help in terms of recreation and relaxation. It increases the aesthetic appeal of the room. Although, you should see that the bar doesn’t disrupt the layout of the space. You can make a cabinetry bar with suitable storage space by using the pull-out shelves. Adding a bar cabinet or built-in shelf will give a standout look to your wall.

Shelving your Collection

Not sure what to showcase on shelves? You can add shelves to portray your interests and hobbies. Style the shelves with reading materials and collected treasures like books, antiques, small sculptures, etc. This can be a perfect solution to the problem of a blank wall.

Now you no longer have to stare at your blank walls and wonder what to style them with. These ideas will surely give you some ideas to add elegance and charisma to your living room walls.